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The Water

Brooklyn Water Bagels

By using our proprietary water treatment system, known as “Brooklyn Water Works,” The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.® can successfully replicate the natural composition of the water that flows through the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York into the homes of Brooklyn residents.

This replication is accomplished by filtering local water down to its purest, most natural state, and then adding unique elements found only in our water.

Our advanced technology allows us to transform any source of tap water in the world into clean, safe drinking water, which is used in every recipe, beverage, ice cube, and kettle used to boil our bagels. Unlike tap water, which may contain more than 2,100 toxins, including several known poisons, our proprietary water is the way nature intended it to be.

As Brooklyn Water Bagel firmly states, “It’s All About The Water!®