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In the winter of 1972 our founder, Steve Fassberg was a 12 year old boy living in Brooklyn when he made his first trip to South Florida to visit his grandparents who had recently relocated from New York. When he arrived, he was carrying two large suitcases packed with bagels. Walking out of the airport gate, Steve was happy to see his grandparents down the walkway waving and smiling with excitement. However, before he had a chance to even greet them, he heard a loud shriek, “DID YOU BRING THE BAGELS?”

This was not exactly the kind of warm welcome a 12 year old kid expects from his grandparents after not seeing them for months? Perplexed, he asked why he needed to transport dozens of water bagels 1300 miles across state lines in his suitcases? IT was the first time he heard, “we can’t get good bagels outside New York because it’s all about the water!”

Over the past 40 years, Steve would often think about how a real authentic Brooklyn bagel product might be re-created anywhere in the world. Steve recognized that water was the key ingredient, and he went on a quest to try a find a solution. After years of research about the properties of water and many trials and testing of recipes and formulas…. The Original Brooklyn Water Co. was born.

We are passionate about what we have created…..

Our concept is about unparalleled quality and value. It’s about “no short cuts” – all supported by world-class artisan recipes, superior product and unmatched service. It’s about creating a dining experience that our guests feel is always worth the wait – as well as the drive. It’s about creating loyal raving fans, and valued employees that we know will build The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Brand into a household name for generations to come.

With Heartfelt appreciation,
The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.